Publication Ethic

Naturalistic: Jurnal Kajian dan Penelitian Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran is a journal of scientific periodical that publishes the results of studies and research in education and learning with the latest edition of the scientific fields of basic education, pedagogical, educational philosophy, and science theoretically and practically in the development of learning the basic education level.

Responsibility Editor

  1. The editor is responsible for deciding decent article to publish by the editorial board meeting.
  2. Editors are guided by the policy of the editorial board of the journal and are limited by applicable legal requirements regarding libel, copyright infringement, and plagiarism.
  3. In the process of acceptance of the article, a team of editors is basically the principle of similarity of treatment.
  4. In the process of decision-making review journals and publications (articles), the editorial team does not distinguish between race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or political ideology writer.
  5. Editors and the editorial team will not reveal any information about the script or articles that enter except by permission of the author.
  6. Manuscripts (articles) not issued after submission will not be used by the editor's own research and will be returned directly to the author.

Responsibility Reviewers

Reviewers assist the editor in making editorial decisions on manuscripts/articles that go

  1. Reviewers are responsible for recommendations that were reviewed by Article
  2. Review the script made objectively and supported by clear arguments.
  3. Reviewers are responsible for quotations, references, and plagiarism in articles reviewed.
  4. Reviewers keep confidential information for personal gain.

Responsibility Writer

  1. Authors must present the result of the thought or research article clearly, honestly, and without plagiarism, and data manipulation.
  2. The author is responsible for the confirmation which was filed on articles that have been written.
  3. Authors must comply with the requirements of the publication of the work in the form of originality, plagiarism is not, and has never been published in journals or other publications.
  4. Authors should indicate the reference to the opinions and work of others cited
    5. Writers must write a script or articles ethically, honestly, and responsibly, in accordance with the rules applicable to scientific authorship.
  5. The author may not post/publish the same article to more than one journal or publication.
  6. The author does not mind if papers experience editing without changing the substance of the article or the main idea.

Responsibility Publisher (Publisher)

  1. Study Program PGSD FKIP UMTAS as publisher Naturalistic: Jurnal Kajian dan Penelitian Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran is responsible to publish articles after going through the editing process, and peer review, in accordance with the layout of Scientific Journals publishing rules.
  2. The PGSD FKIP UMTAS Study Program as the publisher of Naturalistic: Jurnal Kajian dan Penelitian Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran is responsible for guaranteeing the freedom of academic editors and reviewers in carrying out their respective duties.