Peer Review Process


1) Submission

All manuscripts should be submitted via the e-submission system ( If there are difficulties, please feel free to contact the editorial office (

2) Peer Review Process

  1. Every article must review by reviewer team
  2. We use a double-blind review with this article.
  3. Reviewer only review

Early Childhood Journal Editing reviews all manuscripts received. A manuscript is first reviewed for its format and adherence to the aims and scope of the journal. If the manuscript meets these two criteria, it is dispatched to three investigators in the field with relevant knowledge. Assuming the manuscript is sent to reviewers, Early Childhood Journal Editing waits to receive opinions from at least two reviewers. In addition, if deemed necessary, a review of statistics may be requested. The authors’ names and affiliations are removed during peer review. The acceptance criteria for all papers are based on the quality and originality of the research and its scientific significance. Acceptance of the manuscript is decided based on the critiques and recommended decision of the reviewers. An initial decision will normally be made within 4 weeks of receipt of a manuscript, and the reviewers’ comments are sent to the corresponding author by e-mail. The corresponding author must indicate the alterations that have been made in response to the reviewers’ comments item by item. Failure to resubmit the revised manuscript within 4 weeks of the editorial decision is regarded as a withdrawal. A final decision on acceptance/rejection for publication is forwarded to the corresponding author from the editor.

3) Peer Review Process for Handling Submissions from Editors, Employees, or Members of the Editorial Board

All manuscripts from editors, employees, or members of the editorial board are processed the same to other unsolicited manuscripts. During the review process, submitters will not engage in the decision process. Editors will not handle their own manuscripts although they are commissioned ones.