Pelatihan Kader Posyandu di Wilayah Kelurahan Kersanegara Kecamatan Cibeureum Tasikmalaya

  • Ai Cahyati
  • Sofia Februanti Poltekkes Kemenkes Tasikmmalaya
  • Unang Arifin Hidayat Poltekkes Kemenkes Tasikmmalaya
Keywords: community empowerment, cadre refreshment, posyandu


Purpose of this community service activity is to improve the empowerment of the community in transferring information and skills from officers to the community and among fellow citizens and to bring basic health services especially related to the reduction of maternal mortality rate (MMR), infant mortality rate (IMR) and under-five mortality rate and to achieve the goals of Healthy Cities. The target to be achieved is that cadres can increase their knowledge and skills in carrying out posyandu activities independently. The method used is to provide cadre training with the number of hours of training for 3 days @ 5 hours of training (45 minutes per hour of training). The participants were posyandu cadres in the area of ​​Kersanagara Village, Cibeureum District, Tasikmalaya City, as many as 22 people. Cadres are given a pretest at the beginning of the meeting and post-test at the end of the meeting as an evaluation of the activities carried out. Facilities and infrastructure to be used LCD, laptop, mic, TOA, posyandu cadre training modules & materials, posyandu props, sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, weighing scales, dacin scales, metlines. The results of cadre refresher activities were an increase in knowledge after training with an average pretest score of 68, post-test 80, so that the average increase in knowledge was 11 points. Cadres can also practice blood pressure measurement, weighing using dacin, system posyandu 5 table practices, counseling practices and recording reporting. The output of this community service activity is the production of modules and the publication of the results of community service activities. Facilities and infrastructure so that they can be equipped so that posyandu services can be optimized. Posyandu cadres further increase motivation to conduct counseling.


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Cahyati, A., Februanti, S., & Hidayat, U. (2019). Pelatihan Kader Posyandu di Wilayah Kelurahan Kersanegara Kecamatan Cibeureum Tasikmalaya. ABDIMAS: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, 2(1), 99-102.